Innovative and results-driven engineer and programmer with a strong foundation in video game development. My expertise includes C++, C#, linear algebra, physics, and statistics for simulations in game development. My portfolio showcases hands-on knowledge of game code design and implementation. I have a diverse background in software applications, including Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, and several Adobe Software.

Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Diploma in Video Games Design & Development and 3+ years’ experience as a Programmer in the gaming industry and 10+ years in Management, Finance and Investments, I bring a unique perspective to video game development that both independent and AAA studios can benefit from. Driven by a passion for continuous learning and a keen interest in games, I am well-prepared to contribute to cutting-edge gameplay experiences.

I possess:
• Strong math skills,
• Problem-solving abilities.
• Experience in debugging and optimization.
• Self-motivation.
• Strong work ethic.
• Experience working independently.

My adaptability to changing priorities, effective communication across disciplines, and seamless collaboration in both remote and team environments, coupled with my strong math skills, problem-solving abilities, and expertise in C++, C#, linear algebra, physics, and statistics, position me as a well-rounded candidate for contributing to dynamic and innovative projects within the video game development industry. Equipped with a diverse background in software applications, including Unity Engine, Unreal Engine. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my skills and passion for cutting-edge technology to enhance the success and creativity of your team or project.

I am Juanes