G a m e p r o g r a m m e r


Battle For Tycho

Unity Engine C#

Fight monsters and mini-bosses, try to get the highest killing score in the least amount.


  • Car physics

  • Shooting

  • Drifting

  • Speed Boost

  • Monster waves

  • Mini Bosses

Hack and slash

Unity Engine C#


  • Player State Machine

  • Combo System

  • Combat Target System

  • Abilities Upgrade

  • XML Serialization Saving System

shallow focus photography of tennis ball
shallow focus photography of tennis ball
Tennis Training App

Unity Engine, C#, Python


  • Ball Kinematic Physics

  • AR Foundation Framework, support on tracking system

  • User Interface Support

  • Data Analysis

Unreal C++, Blueprints

Fast-paced third-person shooter. Eliminate enemies, change weapons, gather ammunition and health collectibles to survive through challenging stages.


  • C++ Character mechanics

  • C++ and Blueprint Enemies Behavior Trees

  • Weapon States

  • Blend Animations

  • Explosive Damage Range

Where is my food
Unreal Physics Project

Unreal C++, Blueprints

Physics project to experiment with Thrusters, Physic Handles and other physic calculations.


  • C++ UFO mechanics

  • Physic handles to manipulate objects

Blaze Escape
2 Player Game

Unity Engine C#

Two players race through the roofs blazing buildings. Avoid obstacles, outpace and sabotage your opponent to claim the last spot in the evacuation helicopter.


  • Turn base 2 Player Game

  • Custom Physic 3D Effectors

Unity Engine C#

  • 2D Infinite Runner

  • 2D Procedural Level Generator

Procedural Level Generator
Legacy Of The Tablet
Hack and Slash (rouge Lite)

Unity Engine C#

Rogue-like prototype set in the ancient realm of Sumeria, drawing inspiration from the myth of Ninurta. Player take on the role of the legendary warrior, Ninurta, on a quest to recover the stolen Tablet of Destinies from the clutches of dark forces


  • Player State Machine

  • Combo System

  • Dodge Mechanic

  • Variety of AI enemies

  • Enemy Waves and Mini Boss

  • Camera Transitions

  • Dungeons Unlock On Progress

Game Jams

7 Nights Of Hallowing Theme : Cozy Halloween

Chaos Crusader Theme: Split


Unity C#

Set off for a caffeine-fueled adventure in a post-apocalyptic universe in Baristapocalypse! Manage a coffee shop on a commercial spacecraft, keeping it free of spills, garbage, and loitering alien clientele. Brew a variety of ingredients in pursuit of the perfect cup of joe! Call in up to 4 players to help serve up orders and handle cosmic chaos. Will you be able to keep up with demand and save enough to escape your next shift?


  • Character mechanics

  • Brewing

  • Quick Time Events

  • Animations

  • Networking




Innovative and results-driven engineer and programmer with a strong foundation in video game development. Experience in C++, C#, linear algebra (vectors, matrices), physics, and statistics for simulations in game development.
My experience includes a range of software applications, including Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, 3DS Max, and Adobe Software. I enjoy creating engaging gameplay experiences, including player mechanics, AI, and kinematic physics.
My degree in engineering and years of expertise in capital markets bring a unique perspective to video game development. Combining this experience with a Diploma in Video Games Design & Development, I strive to craft innovative and engaging gameplay experiences. My passion for problem-solving, game design principles, and continuous learning fuels my desire to contribute effectively to cutting-edge gameplay experiences and collaborate with development teams.

I am Juanes
More Projects Soon...